Gift Sales Soar

Southwest Airlines wanted ways to grow top-line revenue and market penetration without compromising its long-standing, highly successful direct sales model.

Designed and launched the Southwest Gift Card pre-holiday 2005 with a fully integrated marketing campaign, including print, TV and online. Product design made it easy to give the gift of travel and attract new customers to Southwest. Counter to the predominant industry model of third-party distribution, the initial focus was on direct sales to complement the brand and corporate distribution strategy, intentionally growing online sales. Innovative product features included e-mail or postal mail delivery options, personalized messages and no fees. Among the first gift cards in the industry and the only card solely featuring online redemption.

Tripled first-year ROI targets. Remains a key top-line growth strategy.

"If you are looking for a strategic thinker, Susan is that person. Susan is an expert at customer understanding, revenue generation and employee buy-in. She is willing to take chances that will differentiate a brand."
Ginger Hardage, SVP Corporate Culture and Communications, Southwest Airlines