You make a commitment to them; they return the favor.

As a result, your company not only survives. It thrives. Revenues rise. Brand equity grows. Repeat business boosts sales without increasing expenditures.

Sounds simple, but if it were, all companies would be 21st-century alchemists, converting customer loyalty into gold.

Understanding the customer's wants and needs is both an art and a science. So is ensuring the customer's place in every decision throughout an organization. More difficult still is perpetuating customer-focus by integrating it into a company's DNA. Susan Parker has devoted her career to helping companies master the challenges of customer-centricity, as exemplified by the stunning success of Southwest Airlines, where Susan held key marketing positions for 15 years.

Working both inside and alongside retail chains and corporations, PARKER has provided customer conscious marketing solutions to numerous clients, helping them grow their customer base – and their business. We've seen it work. We're ready to do it for you.

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Read "Brand Matters," co-authored by Susan Parker, recently published in the Retailing Issues Letter of the Texas A&M University Mays Business School.
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