The Customer Conscious CheckUp

Take our Customer Conscious Checkup to identify strengths, weaknesses and ways to maximize customer relationships, increase revenues and build your brand.

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1. Do you know why your customers choose to do business with you instead of looking elsewhere?
2. Do you know which customers you've lost and why?
3. Do employees in all areas and at all levels have the same understanding what your organization stands for?
4. Do all employees understand how they can/should contribute to the overall value of a customer relationship?
5. Can you readily describe and identify your most valuable - or potentially most valuable - customers?
6. Do you know how much you should spend to acquire and retain customers?
7. Do you continue to grow your customer base with valuable and loyal customers?
8. Do you maximize the performance of loyalty efforts by tailoring customer communications to specific customer groups?
9. Do you know if you are getting your fair share of your customers' business?
10. Can employees easily access the customer information they need to make good decisions and provide the best service?
11. Do you know the specific needs and preferences of various segments within your customer base?
12. Do you engage your customers in innovation and service improvements?