PARKER Founder, Susan Parker

Susan's position in the boardroom is always on the side of the customer: watching, measuring and advocating policies and programs that promote increased brand allegiance. "I guess my career path was inevitable," Susan admits. "At 7-years-old, my hobby was people-watching and at 15 I started my first consumer business – all through word of mouth and referrals."

Ah-ha. So it all started as good instinct. These days, it's good instinct plus national brand experience that has solidified Susan's reputation as a must-have teammate. When customer strategies are on the agenda, Susan brings high-stake experience to bear, having worked with companies like Southwest Airlines, Anheuser Bush Theme Parks, American Express, VISA, Coca Cola, Texas Monthly, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Hertz and SuperValu. And the gain is always appreciable: concrete methodologies that heightened customer loyalty and strengthened ROI. Susan's ability to build a durable customer base comes with results. Just ask.

"Programs must yield fruit to justify their existence."
I'm motivated by measurable success. Metrics are important - increased market share, new business growth and higher profits" says Parker. It's crucial to turn a keen eye towards the facts. "Know who your audience is, and as importantly know who it is not. Know what they want, not what you think they want or should want. And know that while multiple perspectives are important when weighing decisions, the final vote sits with the customer."

Why? Because they have the money. This philosophy was never more reinforced or refined then during her 15-year tenure with Southwest Airlines. Mentoring from customer gurus like Herb Kelleher and Colleen Barrett left no doubt that the way to achieve customer nirvana was to look deep and then invest wisely.

Connections and Board Affiliations
Carlson School of Management, University of MN, Associate Director
Leadership Texas/Alumnae
Big Thought Board Member
Southwest Airlines Culture Committee/Alumnae
Goodwill Industries of Dallas Board Member/Alumnae
SMU Marketing Department Mentor Program/Alumnae
Dallas Ad League Board Member/Alumnae

Life Beyond Marketing
When Susan's not dissecting the latest customer data or developing marketing strategies, she spends her time ranching, traveling and supporting child development through the arts. She is Dallas native, a darn good cook, a lover of laughter and one proud alumnae of Texas Tech University.